Senior Carnival
Lebo School  Lebo, KS
Saturday, Aug. 29th starts
5:00 pm for food
5:30 pm for games

Come help us raise money for Laykes' Senior year of High
School!  Fun games for kids and Bingo for adults.
Auction off any bingo prizes left a
t 9 pm
USD 253 School Surplus Auction
Tuesday, Sept. 29th 5:30 pm
Had to change date so school board could approve everything!
315 S. Market Emporia
Short auction!  Don't be late!
3 suburbans, lots of desks-whatever kind you want!
Possible metal recycle, Assortment of chairs, Fridge,
Freezer, Tomato slicer, veg. slicer, other great things!

More to come!
Click here to view pictures!