Luginsland Trust

 "For several years, I have watched Brian Landis in the Real Estate Appraisal business.  I always admired his professional approach to each assignment.  

Now that he has teamed up with Victor Edelman…… Wow!  What a team!

I watched from a ring-side seat while they handled my brother’s real estate land sale.   The team, consisting of Brian and Melissa Landis, as well as Victor and Hope Edelman handled all the details, large and small, in a professional and ethical manner.

The Loris Luginsland Family thanks this team for what we considered a successful, fair and welcome sale of his hard-earned property.


Rae C. Luginsland, Retired Vice President, 1st National Bank of Hutchinson, Kansas

191 acres of Lyon County cropland, grass, timber and private lake (2 tracts)  in North Lyon County.

 Tract 1 – 111 Acres: 75 acres of cropland which is a mix of upland Class 3e and creek bottom Class 2w and 1 soils; has previously been planted to row crops. Balance is grass and timber; seven acres previously enrolled in CRP 

 Tract 2 - 80 Acres: Very attractive private lake with approximately 3 surface acres; balance is in grass and trees; 32 acres was previously enrolled in CRP; some native grass hay meadow; abundant wildlife habitat.  

The Butcher Family Revocable Trust


474 acre diversified farm property in Chase County (2 tracts)

This is a nice diversified land use property with potential for several different management options located in the heart of the Flint Hills. The two tracts are contiguous with good access by county gravel roads.  

 Cottonwood Falls Community Building  


Sold in 2 tracts

I first met Victor and his partner when I put my portion of land up for sale.  Victor put flyers out sharing information about said property.   He did an excellent job advertising for the auction.   He went to the property several times to check on the progress of the fence and to make sure there were flyers in the container.  He and his partner made fantastic pamphlets for the auction, plus  showing a great slide show. 

I was very impressed on how Victor handled everything.  I would gladly use his services again.

Thank you,   Victor.

Ruby Butcher

The Butcher Family Revocable Trust 

Loren and Liseten Strahm Auction

160 Acres of Coffey County Pasture - January 22, 2018


As the family of Liseten Strahm, we were very pleased with the process of selling her pasture in Jan. 2018.

We felt we were well informed throughout the listing & the sale in a professional & understanding manner.   From Melissa’s unique use of family pictures & setup of the picture board at the auction —Brian’s gathering of land use, & comparison of like previous land sales & answering questions—Victor’s efficient handling of the auction itself & getting us a good sale to a local man—and Hope’s talent with the paperwork was all conducive to a very satisfactory experience. 

Thank you to the Swift ‘n Sure team! 

Howard Family Trust Land Auction


November 7, 2017      

  • 103   acres of Osage County  (3 tracts)
  • Tract 1 -66 acres which is mostly mixed grass pasture that is partly mowable with about 15 acres of heavy woodland in the drainage and on old coal mine land.  
  • Tract 2-27 acres which is all heavy tree cover on old coal mine land.  
  • Tract 3-10 acres with a mixed grass cover that is mostly mowable with wooded edge along the north and east and gravel road along the south.      


Swift-N Sure-Auctions did a great job for us and our properties sold for more than expected.The advertising for our auction came in under budget! Everyone on their team was honest, knowledgeable, and efficient, and the whole process went smoothly. Ours was not an easy situation, we sellers were four siblings, one of whom died before the auction could be scheduled, 50% ownership of the properties was in a trust, and none of us were residents of Kansas. Swift-N-Sure Auctions helped us throughout the process, and I highly recommend this firm.

 Elaine Ferwerda    

415 acres - Jeanette T Rowland Auction



2 tracts in northern Lyon county

  • Tract 1 - 158 acres with farmstead house.  107 acres cropland with balance in wood drainage, waterways, and building site.,  House 1344 square feet.  3 bedrooms plus office.
  • Tract 2 - 257 acres.   42 acres tillable with cool season grass.  Balance in native grass pasture, hay meadow, and old building site..


Client Testimonial


In October 2017, we contacted Swift – n – Sure Auctions and Real Estate to sell the Keith and Jeannette Rowland Family Farm. This dynamic team consists of Brian Landis, Melissa Landis, Victor Edelman and Hope Edelman. When we met with Brian Landis, he was diligent in giving us the different options to explore on selling the family farm. He made sure we were comfortable in our decision. The Swift –n – Sure team complements each other in every aspect, from the beginning stages such as advertising the property, title searches, contacting and responding to interested potential buyers and conducting an open house before the auction through to the end of the process by having as many potential buyers as possible at the auction. Melissa and Hope were instrumental in setting up the room and processing the bid packets to ensure a smooth auction process.  Melissa’s talents were shown with a terrific slide show of the Rowland Family Farm. Victor is an exceptional auctioneer and is very knowledgeable regarding real estate issues. Victor remained at our side to ensure the closing process went through as smoothly as possible. 

In addition, the team understood what a hard decision it was to sell our parent’s farm. They were extremely professional, caring and made a difficult situation manageable. We would highly recommend this team of professionals.


The Rowland Family

VanSickle Auction


May 22, 2017

3 Tracts in Central Lyon county

  • Tract 1 - 20 acre building site
  • Tract 2 - 79 acres.  Productive farmland and hay meadow to add to your farming operation
  • Tract 3 - 80 acres.  A nice clean 80 acres of native grass to add to your cattle operation



I grew up in a Realtor/Auctioneer's home, and know the importance of the skill and integrity of that occupation.   When it was time to sell my parents' land, we knew we needed the expertise of an auctioneer, and the expertise of someone who knows farm land.  We found that in Victor Edelman and Brian Landis.  I have never seen a business team who better complements one another than these two.  Victor has years of experience in auctions and property sales, and Brian has years of experience with land values and appraisals.  Melissa and Hope round out the marketing and clerical side of the business.We were very happy with the way this team handled the entire process of our land sale, from the first consultation to the signing of contracts.  And I can't say enough about their integrity.  Many thanks for a job well done!

Carol Schaefer

Ralph & Grace Van Sickle Trust

Rice Farms, Inc. Auction


410 Acres of Chase County pasture – 2 Tracts

TRACT 1 (82 acres): average stand of native grasses; open; one pond; perimeter fence in average condition; 

TRACT 2 (328 acres): average stand of native grasses; mostly open with a couple of wooded draws; two ponds; perimeter fence in fair to average condition; Soil Class 3e, 4e, 6e & 5w; part was farmed years ago and then reseeded to grass, the old tilled land is mostly in the south half; there is a communication tower near the northeast corner.  


I met with Victor and Brian back in December and was impressed with their qualifications.  I could see that they had a clear plan for marketing my property and the expertise to get our property maximum exposure to the market of potential buyers.   About 75 days later, our property sold through auction with standing room only, so their marketing plan worked well. All of the Swift-N-Sure Auctions & Real Estate personnel did a great job.  I would certainly recommend them to anyone interested in selling their land at auction.

Vernon Rice

Rice Farms, Inc.

Patricia L. Davis Living Trust


262 Acres of Lyon county pasture

A quality grazing property with a good stand of native grasses; mostly open with wooded draws; pond and creek water; one large pond; average perimeter fencing.



Brian and Victor,

I wanted to thank you for the excellent service and the results in the auction of our pasture in Lyon County.  You have great knowledge of the local market and changing conditions.  The advertising plan was targeted and gave notice to all the appropriate people and we had a good crowd at the auction.   

Thank you for your professionalism and keeping me informed throughout the entire process.

Kevin Davis


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